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CEO of TheCoinDad LLC

TheCoinDad, also known as Tobias Barbir, is a German native under Romanian parents who migrated to America and joined the US Military. He spent the past two decades in the Logistics arena while having traveled the globe to 30 different countries and two warzones during that time. Then in 2013, he learned about Bitcoin and like many others he dismissed it as internet funny money until his cousin sent him a used mining rig in the mail in early 2017. Since then TheCoinDad learned to repair and refurbish miners out of his facility in NC, broker deals, consult for other mining companies, put deployment teams together for large sites, manage consolidation projects in various different states, train entry-level Techs on site, and physically confirm multi-million dollar hardware deals for clients. It was not until 2021 that he realized he might have the most extensive Bitcoin mining collection in the world and decided to focus on helping preserve the history of Bitcoin mining hardware as much as possible. That is how the Bitcoin Mining Museum was born. His collection now extends to over 80 different Bitcoin mining machines from across the globe. To this day, he is still actively adding to this collection.

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Bitmain miner

Founded in 2013, Bitmain makes some of the best Bitcoin miners in the industry.

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MicroBT miner

Founded in 2016, MicroBT is one of the top producers of Bitcoin miners.

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Avalon miner

Founded in 2012, Avalon is the oldest Bitcoin ASIC Manufacturer in the world.

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GridSeed miner
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Miners you've seen, miners you've never seen. Find it all here!

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