Interviews with Early Bitcoin Miners

Episode 1: Antonio Oliveira

In the premiere episode of OGTV, Tobias AKA @TheCoinDad interviews Antonio Oliveira, a Miami-based entrepreneur and Bitcoin mining OG going all the way back to 2010. Antonio discusses his experiences with early SHA-256 hardware, from mining on an Intel GPU to building a small farm with Bitmain's U2 USB miners.

Episode 2: Gerald Wilkie

In OGTV Episode 2, TheCoinDad catches up with Gerald Wilkie, founder of North America's largest ASIC repair shop HM Tech. Gerald first came across Bitcoin due to a fateful Google typo, which quickly led him to purchase one of the first ASICs from notorious chip designer FriedCat in 2012.

Episode 3: Marc Fresa

Marc Fresa has been mining Bitcoin since his high school years in 2010. After frying his Dell laptop multiple times mining with the graphics card (and replacing it through 6 or 7 warranty requests), Marc went on to fill his parents' basement with S9s and L3s, raking in profits and warping the hardwood floors with excessive heat. Today, Marc works as a mining consultant, focused on developing autotuning firmware for ASIC optimization.

Episode 4: Andy Long

Andy Long— CEO of White Rock Management and 2013 Bitcoin Mining OG— sits down with TheCoinDad to reminisce about his early days mining with Butterfly Labs' Jalapeno miner and KNCMiner ASICs, including his close encounter with legendary ASIC designer FriedCat.

Episode 5: Marshall Long

TheCoinDad catches up with Marshall Long— class of 2010 Bitcoin Miner, Head of Architecture at Rhodium Enterprises, and Advisor to the Bitcoin Mining Museum.

Episode 6: Ian Descoteaux

In Episode 6 of OGTV, TheCoinDad interviews Ian Descoteaux, a 2010-era Bitcoin miner with deep experience building both ASIC farms and mining pools.